Beaphar never alone when you care


Beaphar manufacturers high-quality, accessible pharmaceuticals, health, care and nutrition products at an affordable price to pets and their families.  With offices in over 85 countries, we believe that pets are not just animals, they are our companions, our friends and our family: Beaphar, Because pets are family too.

With a number of commercial offices internationally, Beaphar started in the Netherlands where it is headquartered in Raalte, towards the north east of the country, where its main manufacturing facilities remain.  Big enough to handle everything professionally,  it is small enough for all employees to have a direct impact.

Beaphar has a total 450 employees working in an international environment. From product development, purchasing, production and distribution to sales employees, who are responsible for sales and product presence in pet stores, retail chains and online stores.  Together, we are a multi-disciplined team, working together to enhance the growth of the company as a whole.

At Beaphar UK, we are a friendly, professional team of approximately 30 members of staff, with offices in Haverhill and Gainsborough. Roles across Leadership and Senior Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Accounting, and ICT, we work together to support the nation’s pet health and well-being.

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