5 Signs your dog may have a joint problem

Just like humans, a dog’s joints go through a lot during their lifetime, but unlike us a dog can’t say when their joints are hurting. The symptoms associated with joint problems, whether they’re the result of an injury or the aging process, are often subtle to begin with which can make them harder to spot.

Signs your dog may have a joint problem

1. Drop in energy levels

If your dog is usually very active but you notice they’re more reluctant to play, or don’t seem be able to walk as far as normal, it could be because a joint problem is causing them discomfort.

2. Changes in everyday activities

Joint pain will make everyday tasks harder for your dog to achieve. If your dog has stopped going upstairs or perhaps isn’t grooming as much as normal, it could be because a joint problem is making these activities harder and perhaps even painful for your dog to achieve.

3. Inappropriate urination

If your dog’s joints are making it hard or painful to move, you may find they can’t get outside quickly enough, resulting in accidents within the home.

4. Joint effusion (swollen joints)

Swollen joints occur due to fluid pressure and can be very painful. If you notice your dog has a swollen joint, you should seek veterinary advice and limit your dog’s activities to avoid potentially exacerbating the problem until you have an official diagnosis.

5. Changes in the way your dog is moving

Your dog moving differently to normal or limping is the most noticeable sign of a joint problem and suggests that something is wrong. You should seek advice from your vet, and avoid doing anything that could put further strain on your dog’s joints until you know what the cause is.

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