Your Rabbit’s Boarding stay; get ready with Beaphar

While you’re on holiday, putting your rabbit into boarding is a great option to ensure they are safe and well looked after. To help your rabbit enjoy their downtime it’s a good idea to prepare a boarding-care kit for them. Such as:

  • Beaphar RabbitComfort® Calming Diffuser and Spray: to help keep your rabbit calm.
  • Beaphar Wound Ointment: perfect if there are any little injuries.
  • Beaphar CARE+®: this all-in-one formulation ensures each food pellet contains the same amount of wholesome ingredients
  • Beaphar Eye Gel: helps the eye to naturally clean dust and debris away.
  • Beaphar Fly Guard: protect your bunny from flies in warmer weather.
  • Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules: reduces the smell around your pet’s cage or hutch.
  • Beaphar Crunch Sticks: Delicious, healthy, crunchy treats for small animals.

To help your rabbit settle in as quickly as possible, the small animal boarding place will need to know as much information as possible about them. Use the Beaphar Boarding Checklist to make sure you're prepared.

Before you go away

  • Create an information pack for your pet, including information such as:
  • Your rabbit’s personality and little quirks
  • Their food or any dietary requirements
  • The last time they had their fly strike prevention treatment.
  • Their vaccination status
  • Veterinary contact details
  • Any relevant medical history or medication required while you’re away
  • Pet insurance details
  • The address of where you’re staying and a contact number
  • Emergency contact details, other than yourself
  • If you have a house rabbit, leave the carrier out in the house with a blanket or their favourite toy, you could also feed them one of their meals in the carrier, to help them form a relaxed and positive association with being in there.
  • Use the Beaphar RabbitComfort® Calming Spray in your rabbit’s carrier. Each application lasts up to five hours, but be sure to never use the spray while your rabbit is inside the crate.
  • If your rabbit is on any medication, make sure they have enough to last while you’re away.

The day you leave

  • Use the Beaphar RabbitComfort® Calming Spray on your rabbit’s bed and favourite sleeping area to help them feel reassured whilst you’re packing to leave. Rabbits often find the disruption caused by us packing to go away quite stressful and unsettling.
  • Be sure to take their favourite toy with them to the boarding place.

When you arrive

Enjoy your holiday!