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If you put all the cat and dog collars we produce each year together end-to-end, they would reach from Edinburgh to Naples and back again!

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Own a rabbit? Then listen up!


As a responsible rabbit or guinea pig owner, did you know that blowflies can cause a maggot infestation on your pet, which can cause serious discomfort and even death? Maggot infestation (fly strike) can seriously affect your animal’s welfare so it is vital to protect your pet from the pain, misery and distress caused by maggots (fly strike).
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Get to the bottom of the Fly Strike threat!


After myxomatosis, there is no greater fear for a rabbit owner than fly strike. In the UK, Blow Flies are often called Green Bottles, as their bodies appear an iridescent green when they catch the light. Their larvae feed on animal flesh, and the adult flies are attracted to pets (usually rabbits, but sometimes also guinea pigs) by the smell of a dirty hutch or, worse, a mucky bottom or crutch. Read on to find out how to prevent this horrible condition.
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Easy Treat for Kidney Support


Kidney disease is common in older cats and can be due to a variety of factors including hereditary disease, chronic bacterial infection and even high blood pressure. When kidney disease is diagnosed, a change in diet is important to improve quality of life and slow progression of disease.
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