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Beaphar is passionate about partnering with retailers to deliver not just hundreds of products – but service and support that are second to none. Use this dedicated Trade Zone section to access everything you need from the world of Beaphar.



Super Support Package from King British… (and it’s FREE!)


Leading aquatic manufacturer King British is delighted to announce the launch of a new, unrivalled programme for its retailers. The ‘King British Dealer Plan’ is a FREE support package available to bricks and mortar stores that sell live fish, and is intended to benefit the retailer, the fish owner and the fish themselves. The ‘King British Dealer Plan’ comprises a range of items and incentives; retailers who sign up to the plan can expect to receive: •    FREE flake food and treats for feeding in-store fish •    FREE point of sale kit designed to draw fishkeepers' attention to products and maximise brand impact as well as drive increased sales •    FREE compact in-store station to hold a 1 litre trade-use bottle of the NEW King British Safe Home, designed for dispensing into fish bags in order to ease fish stress during travel and re-homing. The station also has space to hold the 50ml consumer ...

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Growing old is inevitable… but you can still make life a little easier for your dog by looking after his joints


We all want to see our dogs fit, healthy and ready to enjoy life. Unfortunately, joint disorders are common in dogs. Aches and pains can increase as the years advance, making joint pain a concern for many dog owners. Such problems can be particularly evident in certain breeds and include a range of conditions from age-related stiffness to chronic arthritis, or even a more serious joint problem. Many dogs suffer from joint problems throughout their life. While size, weight, age and speed of growth can add to the strain on joints, such problems can affect all breeds and all ages. Indications that your dog may be suffering from stiff or sore joints can include: •    Loss of vitality and/or tiredness •    Limping or difficulty moving •    Reluctance to go for a walk •    Problems climbing up and down stairs •    Difficulty or stiffness climbing in and out of dog beds or cars ...

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Beaphar Sales Executive awarded ‘Highly Commended’ nomination


Congratulations to Rebecca Gardner from Beaphar who was amongst a list of UK sales reps who have received a ‘Highly Commended’ nomination in Pet Product Marketing’s ‘Retailer Recommended Awards 2015’. The awards are run on an annual basis, and offer pet shop staff throughout the UK the opportunity to vote for their favourite products, services, individuals  and companies. When informed about her nomination, Rebecca, who covers the country from Oxford down to Southampton and across to the East coast, said, “I am absolutely delighted to have made it to the list of ‘Highly Commended’ sales reps. It’s a real honour, especially since some of my customers have gone to the trouble of nominating me – I can’t quite believe it!” Dr. Sue Huggett, UK Business Manager commented, “Congratulations to Rebecca. Beaphar is built on the principle of being the best in all areas of our business, and everyone is wor ...

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